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Dr. Gerhard
I attended the Boston University School of Medicine and the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu where I finished up my residency in 1993. I spent the next few years as a Staff Physician.

After being an Assistant Professor for three years, I started a Private Practice in the Plano area in 2000 and have been here ever since. We ‘opened the doors’ as Willow Bend OB/GYN back in 2009 and have not looked back. It’s a beautiful area and I enjoy not only the surroundings but also the clientele.


Janelle Adams I received my MA license 5 years ago, moved to the North Dallas area then joined Willow Bend OB/GYN. I've been with Dr. Gerhard since August of 2013. Working with the Willow Bend teamhas given me opportunity and exposure to a wide range of skills. This allows me to expand and polish my craft as an MA which is important to me.

"Be a day past without learning, shall the night skies be filled with anguish and remorse. Better to seek that which needs to be known then to sit in life's stagnant waters." - Drahreg Nala, 1482

We're an active group of ladies who thoroughly enjoy helping folks.

Whitney Young Whitney graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas and she has 6 years experience in the front office. Whitney has been a member of Willow bend OB/GYN team since Nov 2015.The women at Willow Bend Obgyn provide a positive atmosphere.

Whitney enjoys helping each and every patient feel welcome and at ease when they come to the office at Willow Bend OB/GYN.

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